This week we break down the episode “Michelangelo’s Birthday”. Originally we had scheduled the Leatherhead episode, but due to a last-minute scheduling error, Jason and Anna had to jump to this episode instead. Before looking at this week’s episode, we go into memory lane as we talk about the 30th anniversary of the second TMNT movie, Secret of the Ooze. We also OVER analyze the calendar from the episode and point out a lot of awkward standing around in this episode. Seriously, from this episode, you’d think the Turtles were friends with Shredder.

This week’s news items: Ash and Rob Paulsen’s Game That Toon TMNT Reunion, Neca’s Secret of the Ooze figure tease, Playmates FCBD set, and the new video game, Shredder’s Revenge

News section starts: 12:13
Episode breakdown starts: 34:29

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