This week we break down the episode “The Making of Metalhead” with special guest John Bernardo. The 3 of us take a look at Metalhead’s origin story as we discover little things like, how Krang is able to see all the action from the Technodrome, but missing things like, what happened to all the money that Rocksteady and Bebop stole from the bank? All this and even a discussion about Power Rangers and a rant on the Rise of TMNT’s Splinter!

This week’s news items: Rise of the TMNT on Pluto TV, NECA’s Mondo Gecko, Mysterious Playmates versus figures listings with Cobra Kai, TMNT Gundam figures from DreamEx

News section starts:15:54
Episode breakdown starts: 40:51

Be sure to check out John’s podcast, Does Machines and follow him on Twitter as well!

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