his week we break down the episode “The Turtles and the Hare”. It’s the Turtles Awesome Easter episode! Where we get introduced to Hokum Hare, so we naturally needed to get the biggest Hokum Hare fan we find, and of course, that’s Mike from the Ninja Turtles Power Hour podcast!! We go into so much detail as we really get to know our guest in this podcast. We swap TMNT stories and meeting the various people behind the scenes. And as always, really nitpick this week’s episode! Sit back and enjoy.

This week’s news items: Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis mobile game, NECA’s Leonardo as Hunchback

News section starts: 25:22
Episode breakdown starts: 56:17

You can find Mike’s podcast, Ninja Turtles Power Hour here: https://t.co/7wYlJiZ4Em
You can preorder Leonardo as the Hunchback here: https://bit.ly/3KpCvvA

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