This week we break down the episode “Bebop and Rocksteady Conquer the Universe”. Rocksteady and Bebop actually have a smart plan for once, as they make the turtles and their bosses scared as they take over New York to make Sunday the only working day of the week. As we talk about this episode, we go into MANY tangents (even with news correspondent Mike) as we keep getting distracted and talking about bullies, Anna’s family, and even Rudolph! We do eventually talk about the episode and its misspellings or non-creative signs on buildings. We also give our opinions on the game, Shredder’s Revenge.

This week’s news items: MMPR X TMNT Pop figures, NECA Rex-1, IDW TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures

News section starts: 17:12
Episode breakdown starts: 55:41

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