WiiSpot Podcast Episode #009

Our terrible luck with technology continues in this episode of the WiiSpot.com podcast. The last 20 mins or so of this episode was lost due to some file corruption that Edgar suffered, but don’t worry! All the good stuff made it into this great 46 […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #008

WiiSpot number eight is here and ready to roll. Wait, do podcasts move? Hmm. Anyways… In this episode we chat about XFire to work wit Wii devs?, some new games for the Wii like Nights and a horse ride Sim, GameSpot boss acuses Nintendo of […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #007

And we’re back with another episode of the WiiSpot.com podcast. We had some hosting issues that prevented the posting of this episode for nearly a week.. something that will hopefully never happen again! One nice side effect of that is that episode #008 is going […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #006

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #006 is here for your listening pleasure. It’s taken a while, but Edgar and I have worked through our kinks and scheduling problems. We hope this episode was worth the wait! You can call this the GDC special edition as we spend […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #005

Wiispot Episode #005 is large and in charge. Coming in at just over an hour, we chat at length about the newest games out there, Virtual Console titles that have come out recently, the fact that Everybody Votes, give you all a WiiMinder and of […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #004

Hey guys, we are back with WiiSpot episode #004! Hot on the heels of the WiiVCdb.com announcement, we are here to bring you all sorts of great info on yours and our favorite console, the Wii. In this packed episode of the WiiSpot podcast we […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #003

We are here with WiiSpot podcast episode #3! This episode is out a few days later then planned due to some strange recording issues, but it’s worth the wait. In this hour lng episode we chat a fair bit about the Konami Gamers Day announcements, […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #002

Welcome to the WiiSpot Podcast Episode #2. We had a fair bit to talk about, so you are getting this episode very soon after episode #1! We also anounce something pretty big in this episode, so we couldn’t wait. In this episode we talk about […]

WiiSpot Podcast Episode #001

Welcome to the WiiSpot Podcast Episode #1. We had a huge pile of feedback on our Genesis episode, and want to thank each and everyone of you for writing in. This being the first REAL episode we decided to take the time to chat about […]

WiiSpot Podcast #0 – The Genesis

Welcome to the WiiSpot Podcast Teaser. Edgar and I got together to record a DS:Life Podcast a month and a bit ago, and ended up chatting about the Wii for an hour and a half! We decided that the Wii is interesting enough to warrant […]