Yes, I repeatedly called this episode #47 in the intro, but fret not loyal listeners: Episode #48 is here! IN this episode we talk about how excited we are for Super Mario Galaxy 2, clue you into the fact that you can get a DVD to teach you how to play, let you know about a sweet deal at Amazon and more! We hope you enjoy this episode of the show, and will be sure to to a super charged episode when we have Super Mario Galaxy 2 in or grubby little hands!


What are we playing

  • Edgar – Steam for Mac
  • Lloyd – Picross 3D, Steam Mac

Release List

  • Shrek Ever After
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 – May 23rd

WiiWare/Virtual Console

  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations – 1000pts


  • April NPDs show Monster HUnter sells 108K
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Beginners DVD
  • SMG2 $20 rebate when you buy at Amazon.
  • Black Wii bundles out, include WiiSports Resort and WiiMotion Plus
  • Gamestop offering console upgrades for $50
  • US Video-Game Sales 26%
  • Mario Kart Wii – Tournaments still running – #50 starting this week
  • Nintendo Wins Controller Patent Lawsuit
  • Gamespy leaks Star Wars Battlefront III for wii
  • Craziest controller EVAR!
  • Student Moves Quadriplegics with WiiMote

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: none


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