Welcome to the WiiSpot Podcast Episode #1. We had a huge pile of feedback on our Genesis episode, and want to thank each and everyone of you for writing in.

This being the first REAL episode we decided to take the time to chat about all the games we have played on the Wii, and offer up our thoughts. Please excuse the crackling that appears throughout the episode. We had some recording difficulties, and decided that we would edit it the best we could instead of scrapping the recording.

Catch you guys soon in episode #2!


  1. I think I know what Edgar was talking about, the mystry “sim/god” game. It’s Doshin the Giant, it was re-released on the GameCube in Japan and Europe. As for the Zelda “Upgrade”, it was launched in Japan as “Ura Zelda” and then released in the West as “Zelda: Master Quest” on the Zelda bonus disc that came with Wind Waker.

    Talking about other 64DD stuff, they made a modem for it that concist of an N64 cartridge with a phone jack output on it. Nintendo didn’t really make it for online gaming use, it was sorta like what you get with the Wii now, it was only used for Email.

    There was a Whole bunch of games that were originally on the 64DD that got moved back to cart such as Animal Forrest (Japan’s name for Animal Crossing), Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Snap, Banjo Tooie originally was going to be a DD game in the same vein as Ura zelda that you needed the original game to play it, Kirby 64, Paper Mario and EarthBound 2 (which was later launched as Mother 3 in Japan for the GBA).

    Another cool thing was that there were going to be vending machines where you would buy a black DD disc, insert into the vending machine, insert money, and it would burn a game rental on your blank DD disc. The 64DD had a real time clock on it and after a few days the game would be unplayable and you would go to the vending machine again to rent the same game or a new game.

    Yeah, back then I was hyped for this system upgrade to find out that it would never release over here. It was released in Japan but only about 10 games were made for it that kinda sucks. I so would so import one of these, but concidering only 10 games were made for this console, I bet they would cost 5 times the ammount you’d get for a cartridge.

  2. Wow! must download!!

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