Hey guys, we are back with WiiSpot episode #004! Hot on the heels of the WiiVCdb.com announcement, we are here to bring you all sorts of great info on yours and our favorite console, the Wii.

In this packed episode of the WiiSpot podcast we talk about Guitar Hero!, muse about a couple of game announcements (Zorro and Manhunt2 btw), drop the bomb that Zelda has sold one Miilion copies, and cover some interesting Wii related hardware that has surfaced.

Also, I just wanted to mention again that Wii will not have a podcast next week. Wii are taking a break for a wiik to recharge our engines. Oh, and I’ll stop that punny use of Wii now, doncha worry! Enjoy your week off folks, get to gamin’!


What are we playing

  • Edgar – GEARS OF WAR, Warioware: Smooth Moves, Sports
  • Lloyd – Trauma Center, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Mario World

Release List

  • WiiPlay – Feb 12

Virtual Console

  • Super Mario World – SNES – 800
  • VIGILANTE – TG-16 – 600
  • Gain Ground – Genesis – 800


  • WiiToob
  • Top 5 Software Sales Zelda Still on top!
  • Zelda TP sells one million on the Wii
  • Zorro heading to the Wii?
  • Manhunt 2 on the Wii!?
  • Guitar Hero to appear on Nintendo console… Wii version probable
  • WiiPuter available on Ebay
  • WiiSports Pack by Datel

Reviews and Email

  • Email: Peter
  • Email: Danie
  • l

  • Email: Justin
  • Email: Elena
  • Email: Franco


  1. About the number “4”. It’s not the Chinese that think it’s unlucky, it’s the Japanese that think that the number 4 is unlucky. 4 in Japanese is “Shin”, which is also “Death” or “Die” in Japanese, so the number “4” is concidered as unlucky just like how the western world thinks about the numbers “13” or “666”.

  2. Well there you go Edgar, I told yah you were crazy! :)

  3. Hey, about the Manhunt on the Wii issue. Nintendo has addressed these kinds of issues with Parental Controls. If you dont want your kids playing particular kinds of games, simply enable ESRB based PARENTAL CONTROLS on your Wii!

    I welcome a variety of games to the console. My grandfather does not like Moneyball but he might be interested in Manhunt!

  4. Hey guys!

    I finally found the time to listen to the full podcast, and I’m pretty excited for the little promo in the beginning. (I’m Cesar from Wiisteria.com).

    Although it was all kinds of awesome, I’d like to clear up that Wiisteria is not South American, it’s Puertorrican (smack dab in the middle of the caribbean), and they’re completely different gaming territories. It’s usually not that big a deal since down here there’s a whole bunch of spanish-speaking countries and we try to cover our local developments as much as we can no matter what natonality, but for the most part, the site is all about Puerto Rico and it’s gaming environment. We’d LOVE to cover different latin-american gaming news, but it’s a monumental task. I mean Mexico alone would eat us alive with it’s hugeness.

    Anyway we’re pretty excited here at Wiisteria, As of right now I’m working on a news blog entry promoting this site and the podcast, and I’ll make sure to give you guys a shout out in Wiisteria’s forum as well so our subscribers find out more about this place.

    Thanks a billion guys! Keep up the outstanding work, and I’ll see you around (more like listen to you, but you get the idea).

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  6. When is the next WiiSpot Podcast?

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