Wiispot Episode #005 is large and in charge. Coming in at just over an hour, we chat at length about the newest games out there, Virtual Console titles that have come out recently, the fact that Everybody Votes, give you all a WiiMinder and of course chat a bit about Edgar’s snowboarding trip.

We are very late in getting this episode out to you guys, but please don’t hate us :)

See you soon in Episode #006!


What are we playing

  • Edgar – WiiPlay
  • Lloyd – WiiPlay, Crackdown

Release List

  • Sonic and the Secret Rings – Feb 20, 2007
  • SSX Blur – Feb 27

Virtual Console

  • Kid Icarus – NES – 500 Points
  • Kirby’s Adventure – NES – 500 Points
  • Ice Climber – NES – 500 Points
  • Donkey Kong Country – SNES – 1000 Points
  • The Legend of Kage – NES – 500 Points
  • New Adventure Island – TG16 – 600 Points
  • Streets of Rage – Genesis – 800 Points


  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to ht the VC this coming Monday!
  • Japanese Virtual Console gets 2 news systems
  • Stuff we missed: Everybody Votes Channel, Brunswick Pro Bowling announced
  • Crazy cool Nyko Wiimote accessory coming
  • WiiMinder – Cool tabbed browsing site for your Wii

Reviews and Email

  • Email: Derek
  • Email: Josh Hill
  • email: greg
  • Email: Grant


  1. thank ALA u guys apear, late but thats OK. :)

  2. Yeah part way through the podcast I had to turn it off because I realized how old it was. Just forgot to upload it for a while?

  3. Well we mentioned at the start of the episode when it was recorded, and added this “We are very late in getting this episode out to you guys, but please don’t hate us” in the show description, so the age of the podcast shouldn’t surprise anyone. :)

    We had some difficulties in getting this episode out, but those should all be fixed by now and for future releases.

  4. yo you need to hurry up for the next one

  5. So where the heck is episode 6?

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