We are catching up from a backlog of recordings. Good news is that we have changed the way we re doing these due to our tech difficulties of late. Expect a couple releases really quickly for the DS and Wii podcasts!

In this episode we cover a pile of news, some new some old.. We mention the Wii slippage of Metroid Prime 3, the fact that Wii production is rampingup finally, mention the great Wii version of Google reader, chat a bit about RE4 and also chat about Robbie Bach and his bizarre Wii talk.

Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for bearing with our tech difficulties. We should have it all sorted!

We love to hear from you, so send in your questions and 60 second reviews!


What are we playing

  • Edgar – Super Paper Mario, NEW Internet Channel, GH2, PUNCH OUT
  • Lloyd – Pokemon, Super Paper Mario

Release List

  • Heatseeker
  • Legend of the Dragon
  • Spider-Man 3 the game
  • Shrek the Third

Virtual Console


Reviews and Email

  • 60 SECOND REVIEW: Marvel Ultimate Alliance – Chase Rogan
  • VOICEMAIL: Michael – Xbox 360 podcast
  • EMAIL: Dylan
  • EMAIL: Jesse
  • EMAIL: Jojo
  • EMAIL: Fred

Contact Info

Digg: Digg.com
Web: http://WiiSpot.com
Email: wiispotpodcast @ gmail.com
Voicemail: (206) 326-1221

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