Welcome to our Smash Brothers Brawl mega-show. We get into a big discussion of all of the strengths and weaknesses of this fine game. Here is a spoiler, we like it.

We also take some time out from gushing about Smash Bros. to talk about the Twilight hack, Shovelware and the crazy huge Wii sales for Feb!.

We want to play you guys in Brawl! Please leave your friend codes in the comments section, and we’ll add as many as we can! Here are Mine and Edgar’s Brawl codes:

Lloyd’s: 2191 7367 3542
Edgar’s: 4210 3670 0171

We love to hear from you, so send in your questions and 60 second reviews! Enjoy this week’s podcast, talk to you guys soon!


What are we playing

  • Edgar – Super Paper Mario, Professor Layton, Portal, Half Life 2 Eps 1, SSB
  • Lloyd – God of War, FlatOut: Head On, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Release List

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • House of the Dead 2 and 3
  • Worms: A Space Oddity
  • George of the Jungle
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
  • Sega Superstar Tennis
  • WWII Aces


  • Wii Sales US for Feb 432k
  • Wii back on top in Japan
  • Simpler hombrew solution found with Twilight Hack – Will now read from Wii’s SD slot.
  • Shovelware a good thing/Nintendo’s seal of quality
  • Amazing Animals – new Safari game in Japan
  • Wii Mario Kart Footage
  • Taito bringing back Space Invaders… this time PLAY AS THE INVADERS
  • Samba Delayed

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: Trevor Stevens


  1. Yeah guys go ahead and add me please. My code is 0645-5431-9802.

  2. James Churchman

    Hey guys! my code is –

    3007 7749 9220 !

    Please add me and if you do add me please Email me so i know! Thanks and great Podcast as usual!!!!!!

  3. James Churchman

    and i added you to my facebook !

    ha dont forget

    3007 7749 9220

  4. Hey, great podcast. My friend code is 2062 8862 9386

  5. Logan J. Fowler

    Hey guys, love the podcast! Look forward to facing off with you in Brawl!

    My code is:

    2921 8790 1636


  6. Moises Miranda

    Hey guys, im a long time listener, first time commenting. Great Show!

    Here is my friend Code:

    If anyone wants to add me, you can go right ahead. Just make sure that you let me know so i can add you too!

    James, can i add you?

  7. Dominic Gagne

    There is my code for brawl:
    2878 9259 5750

    Great job on the podcast guys!

  8. Tyler Bolen

    Hey guys I love the wiispot and DS life podcasts, keep up the great work. I have brawl and I need some more friend codes I added your codes and mine is 4425-1194-7969. I have some other wi-fi games too as well that I am looking for codes in.

  9. 2277 6317 0039 Brawl FC

    Ive listening to your podcasts (wiispot and ds life) and i just wanted to say i love them ^_^

  10. Great podcast, as usual!!

    My code is 4124 4685 7316!

  11. Hey Lloyd, are you sure you have to send in your copy of Brawl with the system? I hadn’t heard that requirement anywhere else, only that you send in your system and they clean it for you.

    Here’s my Brawl code.

    2062 8921 1015

  12. hey add me guys!… please?!?!?!

  13. My friend code is 2793-0303-1703

  14. TDWP(jake)

    Awesome guys heres mine.:2535-3385-0071 Looking forward 2 owning u this week.

  15. OK I’ve added everyone so far. I’ll make sure Edgar has done the same :)

    Make sure to signup as fans on facebook as we’ll be announcing dates and times for online smash nights there!

  16. Hello! I’m new to your site, but have been listening to you podcasts for around 2 months now, and love it! Great job everyone!

    I brought along my SSBB code, so if there’s any room in your friend roster left, please add me! ^__^

    The number is: 4553-9700-9652
    Name: KYU

    See you in Brawl! ^__~

  17. Hey guys I love the shows DS Life also. I would love to play you in Brawl.
    I added you two. Please add me.
    Name: BALTA
    Let’s Brawwl!

  18. Fan of the shows! FC: 3866-7727-8197

  19. ok, my name: neves


    i also added you Moises Miranda.

  20. Great Podcast, Top Notch!

  21. matthew carrell

    hey guys this is matt from Japan. just wanted to say thanks for the podcasts and all the great news look forward to hearing more. here is my code: 3093-6786-3209

  22. matthew carrell

    wait a minute…. I loved the edgar bumpers. I have heard many Japanese girls voices and edgar’s bumper voice is the closest to it. oh by the way there are super bad sound when the smash bros theme just starts and edgar starts his rant about buying the game… weird.

  23. I’m adding Lloyd and Edgar, and as many as I can on the list to my friend list in brawl. I’d appreciate it if you reciprocated. If not, no big shakes – I understand!

    My code is: 0903 2432 1958

    I show up as kent or kentb.


  24. Hey guys. I thought I put my code up before but when I checked back I didn’t see it so here it is again:


  25. Hey Lloyd and Edgar im adding your codes And i want to play you and hope you add me.

    I dont like playing with just random people because it takes longer to load and sometimes gets boring because theirs alot of noobs or alot of crazy good people on.

    So both of you please add me and im looking forward to playing you

    Great podcasts i listen to all of them and still dreaming about the psp one coming back.

    Nathan Friend Code: 4553 9686 7540

  26. Code: 4553-9801-7694
    Name: Linky
    Mains: Diddy, Ike Wario, Pit

  27. James Churchman

    nice you guys are on Zune marketplace, and your podcast is ahead of gamespot!

  28. When i check my friend codes list on the wii it still says that you guys havent added me. just wanted you to know.

  29. my wii# is 0344-8961-8512

  30. heyy guys add me!!!

    my code is 3609-0690-8972


  31. Hey guys love your podcast but now im posting my friend code which is 4081-5182-8252 please add me already added you guys. thanks

  32. plz add me mine is 4081-5182-8252. Thanks already added u guys

  33. mine is 1461 5967 8133
    keep up the good work!

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