We are back with the WiiSpot podcast, and this one is a special one. This is the first live video show that Edgar and I have done! While recording the podcast we were live on cam at Stickam and had a small group of listeners watching and listening live while we recorded. It was awesome being able to interact live with all of you that made it, and will be sure to do this again… with more warning next time :) So thanks to cyko95, Gamermasterman, RossA, GinoBaby for joining us and putting up with my repeated closing of the chat room ;) *doh*

In this episode we chat at length about Wii Fit and how much we are digging it. Wii Fit isn’t the only thing in this episode though, we chat about some other uses for the balance boards, talk about a very mature game, briefly cover the new homebrew channel that was hacked up and even have enough time to cover some listener email! We hope you dig it, and moreso hope that you can join us for our next live show!

We love to hear from you, so send in your questions and 60 second reviews! Enjoy this week’s podcast, talk to you guys soon!


What are we playing

  • Edgar – Boom Blox, Ghost Squad, Wii Fit
  • Lloyd – Toki Tori, Dr. Mario, Boom Blox, Wii Fit

Release List

  • Blast Works: Build, Trade & Destroy
  • Backyard Baseball ’09

WiiWare/Virtual Console

  • Dr. Mario Online Rx – 1000pts
  • Family Table Tennis – 500pts
  • Toki Tori – 1000pts
  • Protothea – 1000pts


  • New Mario Kart Wii tournament announced – battle one of the bosses from mario galaxy
  • Spyborgs announced for the Wii – the internet explodes
  • Shaun white snowboarding to support balance board
  • Raving Rabbids TV party also announced to support balance board
  • Aero Guitar hitting WiiWare this summer
  • Wii Rock set beefier and 360 PS3?
  • Homebrew Channel released – used Twilight hack to add a new channel
  • How much are you using your Wii?
  • Madworld Website Open
  • Tenchu 4 hitting the Wii – trailer

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: Calix
  • EMAIL: Dave

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