A live Wiispot podcast was recorded this past weekend, and this is the recording of that show. We has some technical glitches with Edgar’s network connection, so please excuse the issues while you listen to this show. In this episode we talk about WiiMotion Plus, Homestar Runner, cheap games and offer some info on Megaman 9. We also took some time to answer some listener questions from people in the live show’s chat room.

A HUGE thanks to all who came out and participated in the live show! We will be having another live show this coming Saturday August 16th, 2008 at 1PM CST! We hope to see you there!


What are we playing

  • Edgar – WiiFit
  • Lloyd – iphone, GeoWars 2, Braid, Pixel Junk Eden

Release List

  • Madden NFL 09

WiiWare/Virtual Console

  • Wild West Guns – 1000pts


  • Fears about Dead Rising on the Wii calmed by Nintendo Power
  • MotionPlus NOT exclusive to the Wii?
  • Homestar Ruiner finally hitting WiiWare on Monday
  • Megaman 9 and #2 on Virtual console coming in September
  • Hudson bringing “Hard Working People” to the US – holding contest to name it – like cooking mama for everyday jobs
  • 3rd Party Games Selling just fine on Wii
  • My Aquarium headed stateside – trailer released – looks peaceful
  • Blast Works now $19.99 – 50% off – pick it up!

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: James Wallace

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