E3 is coming soon, and the lead-up is wreaking havok into our recording schedule! We are here and with a surprise live show no less! In this episode we talk about Punch-Out, chat about a pile of new games coming out for the Wii and even chat about a few sweet hardware add-ons coming to the Wii in the coming months! Thanks for sticking around, we hope to get back into the normal recording schedule now that E3 is here :)


What are we playing

  • Edgar – Shaun White Snowboarding, Boom blox,Punch Out
  • Lloyd – Punch-Out!!, Pikmin

Release List

  • EA Sports Active Bundle
  • Rock Band: Classic Rock Track Pack
  • Punch-Out!!
  • Boom-Blox: Bash Party
  • The Munchables
  • Rolling Stone Drum King
  • Space Camp
  • Up
  • Week of June 1st:
    • WiiMotion Plus
    • Virtua Tennis
    • Grand Slam Tennis
    • Tiger Woods 2010 w/or wo/Motion Plus

WiiWare/Virtual Console

  • 300th VC title just came out, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


  • Wii Sports Resort dated, will include enhanced Golf and Tennis games – July 26th
  • Red Steel 2 ready for the holiday season with Motion Plus Control – trailer leaked
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy coming
  • Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom coming stateside!!
  • Bethesda announcing a “Really Big” Wii game this year
  • Konami brining Contra Rebirth to WiiWare
  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years coming in June!
  • Wii Rock Band is trying to keep up with its HD Big Brothers
  • Mad Dog McCree coming to the Wii?
  • Nintendo forcing Swedish Dental Office To change their name
  • Wireless induction charger from Energizer
  • Komodo Retro controller adapter kicks all sorts of ass
  • Amazon selling WiiWare download codes

Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL: none :(

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