Welcome to the birth of a new show! These Dudes on Games is our new general gaming podcast here on the network. I’m joined by my new co-host Jeff Ward, and we run down the week’s gaming news. We are shooting to cover 3ish items a show, and episodes will range from 20-60 minutes. We hope you dig it, and we know.. the name is strange. To be honest I just wanted to call the show TDoG :)

So enjoy your preview of the new show, head on over to the These Dudes on Games landing page to subscribe. iTunes links coming soon. And don’t worry, this will be the last episode that we are pushing out on all of the feeds.

Let us know what you think of the show!


Show Notes

What We Are Playing

  • Lloyd Hannesson: Mass Effect Infiltrator (iPad), Robokill 2 (iPad)
  • Jeff Ward: Mass Effect 3 (XBOX360) – MLB12 The Show (PSVita) – Unit13 (PSVita)


Quick Hits:

  • Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection coming to PS3
  • Baldur’s Gate Project homepage teasing something
  • Phil Harrison joins Microsoft?

Contact Info

Call and leave a voicemail! (505) VGPODCAsts
Twitter: Follow Dasme
Email: vgpodcasts@gmail.com

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