It’s E3 wrapup time, late we know! We’ll get this sorted out and on time soon. Hear us talk about Move, Twisted Metal, Playstation + and more! It was a great E3 this year, and we have some great things to say about Sony’s offerings.

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Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Joe: Red Dead Redemption
  • Sam: Final Fantasy IX, Resonance of Fate, (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
  • Lloyd: 3D Dot Game Heroes

Release List


  • Full keynote available for download on PSN
  • 3D Support
    • Killzone 3 shown
    • Sly Collection/MotorStorm Apocalypse
  • PlayStation Move
  • PSP
    • New Ad campaign –
    • Announced that over 70 new titles will hit before December
  • Playstation Plus
    • Pricing and content
  • Little Big Planet 2 – Create games, not just levels
  • Portal 2 and Steamworks hitting the PS3
  • Gran Turismo 5 – November 2nd
  • Twisted Metal PS3 surprise announcement

Reviews and Email

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Contact Info

Twitter: @dasme, @atkins_sam, @joecruickshank
Voicemail: (323) 284-6721

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