Hey guys and welcome to something new. I’m sending this episode out on all of the feeds here at VGPodcasts.com to let you know about a new show we are working on here, so sorry for any confusion :) XMBCast will be a show covering the Sony PS3 and PSP, sort of a spiritual successor for my old PSP Podcast. So we hope you enjoy the first episode. Subscription links are coming, but for now you can head over to http://vgpodcasts.com/xmb/ to get the shows.

We hope you enjoy, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions!

Show Notes

Topics Covered:

What are we playing

  • Joe: Final Fantasy XIII
  • Lloyd: Final Fight: Double Impact, The Tester Marathon

Release List

  • PS3
    • Super Street Fighter IV
    • Dead to Rights Retrobution
    • NIER
  • PSP
    • Blood Bowl
    • PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe


Reviews and Email

  • EMAIL:

Contact Info

Twitter: Dasme
Email: xmbcast@gmail.com
Voicemail: (323) 284-6721


  1. Fun and Informative show in the format of just about every other shows you are doing.

    It seems like you guys focused more on PS3 on this episode though. (Which I assume is only natural because I haven’t heard about Lloyd playing his PSP on any of the other podcasts “What we’re playing” section.)

    Since I don’t own any of Sony’s current gen console, (Still rocking the good old PS2) I won’t be able to benefit, or contribute much to the podcast but it’s still a good listen nonetheless.

    P.S. on my opinion of the PS3’s Other OS option support being dropped, I think Sony made a huge mistake.
    I do realize such loophole will easily lead to piracy and PSP’s had enough problem with Piracy but before iPhone and iPod touch came along and opened the gigantic chapter in Homebrew programming, PSP was the king in being the swiss knife of portable gadget.

    Surely it still did lack the performance needed for high-end functions such as the experimental VNC clients, but the notion you could install “Apps” on a device to fully utilize it’s potential wasn’t fully realized to be viable on a portable platform by Sony back then.

    I don’t see the reason why Sony, who seemingly embraced the idea for the PS3 by allowing it to have a full on desktop OS to be installed, revered back to pouring its resources and effort to close down all such operations. In the end, it will become the Cat-and-Mouse game all over again because no security measures can’t ever guarantee that there isn’t flaw to it.

  2. Andrew Barker

    Hi Lloyd.
    I am really pleased that you have introduced as Playstation/PSP podcast. I used to listen to your previous PSP Podcast and also listen to the Wii and DS podcasts. It’s great to have another one from you. I am from the UK and so it’s really good to get the UK angle on things. Welcome to Joe. I look forward to future shows.

    It was good to hear of Joe’s views on FirstPlay. His views pretty much coincided with mine. I bought the first two editions, but didn’t feel it was any better than the gaming TV shows we get. I did think getting the free mini was a good idea. I’d probably only buy FirstPlay in future if they gave something similar with it. By the way. Joe said that the ads were not skippable. However, they are.

    Anyway, thanks for a great podcast. Is there any chance of getting Ciara to provie any input? She wss a great addition to the old PSP podcasts.

  3. Joe Cruickshank

    Just a quick note on the FirstPlay adverts. They are skippable, but only after you’ve watched them before; not the first time around!

    Anyway, I’m glad you guys are enjoying the podcasts!


  4. I am glad that you are doing both PS3 and PSP

    I missed your PSP Podcast Show that you did
    and I am glad to found it here.

    So I can’t wait to hear this new podcast show.

    It sounds really cool.

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