This week on You Like The Worst Stuff, it is only Haygood and Tony as Fourhman is off on vacation, probably doing something fancy like drinking tea with a pinky finger in the air. In Fourhman’s absence, Tony and Joe discuss Capcom talking about revisiting old properties and using them in new titles. Can’t wait for those to probably not sell so we can go back to Resident Evil 5 – The Super Duper Remixed and Remastered Edition – Now with one extra weapon and a new pair of glasses. Other items covered include –

– Majesco gets out of gaming, into Skin Regeneration (Keeps Stock Ticker COOL)
– Super Mario Run requires an Internet Connection
– Zen in Color
– More Guests in the New Year
– Free Steam Game
– Jimmy Fallon
– Lack of Creativity in Fast and Furious Naming
– And More

The podcast is mixed by Joe Fourhman and includes Joe Haygood, Tony Sadowski and Joe Fourhman on vocals. You can download the podcast directly from here or click on one of the links below to subscribe. Music for the podcast is “Maestro” by Brian Boyko found on

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