Nintendo’s eShop is a weird little place, dominated by games that somehow cost only 19 cents. AND THEY NEVER GO AWAY. On this week’s episode, we examine a tweetstorm by developer Mike Rose of No More Robots, where he reveals how his org has tackled the issues of discoverability and promotion on the eShop. As you can imagine, Nintendo remains comfortably clueless!

Also in this episode:

– Buy-thesda: Doom is an Xbox exclusive now, get used to it.
– Buy-anything: Does preordering have to be such a mess?
– FOR YOU: a free Steam game code!
– AND ALSO: Amazon Luna, iOS14, Among Us!

This podcast is mixed by Joe Fourhman and includes Joe Haygood, Tony Sadowski, Joe Fourhman and Kat Riley on vocals. You can download the podcast directly from here or click on one of the links below to subscribe. This episode features “Arcade Puzzler,” “Arcade Heroes,” and “Coin Op Chaos” by Eric Matyas,

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