It’s the time of year when we turn our clocks one Keighley backward and honor the best video games of December 2019 to November 2020! Yes, The Game Awards are ready for your votes… and why not vote along with us live during this episode of You Like the Worst Stuff? We’re siccing our picks and picking our sicks as we look back at the four or five games that were nominated in nearly every category. And also esports.

Also in this episode:

– FOR YOU: a free Steam game code!
– AND ALSO: My Name is Mayo, Fuser, LEGO Star Wars!

This podcast is mixed by Joe Fourhman and includes Joe Haygood, Tony Sadowski, Joe Fourhman and Kat Riley on vocals. You can download the podcast directly from here or click on one of the links below to subscribe. This episode features “Arcade Puzzler,” “Arcade Heroes,” and “Coin Op Chaos” by Eric Matyas,

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