Let’s say you’re just now thinking about buying a Nintendo Switch… and suppose you do not live in a gamer nerd bubble where things like OLED and NSO and Animal Crossing just instantly make sense. Where do you start? What does it come with? What games do you want? Tony’s friend Adam Laskowski (of the podcast 1,001 Album Complaints) is in just that position, so we brought him on the show for a little Switch 101. WORST STYLE.

Also in this episode:

– LOTS TO SAY: Questions answered about the new Animal Crossing DLC!
– HOT TO HOLD: Watch how you Google that one Switch peripheral.
– AND FOR YOU: a free Steam code!
– PLUS: Paul McCartney again!

This podcast is mixed by Joe Fourhman and includes Joe Haygood, Tony Sadowski, Joe Fourhman and Kat Riley on vocals. You can download the podcast directly from here or click on one of the links below to subscribe. This episode features “Arcade Puzzler,” “Arcade Heroes,” and “Coin Op Chaos” by Eric Matyas, www.soundimage.org.

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